Here are the secrets so you can increase your credit score and achieve your financial goals as soon as possible.

#1 Technique

Request a limit increase on your credit cards

You can request to increase your credit limit every 6 months. This helps you lower your utilization rate and increase your credit score.

NOTE: Do every 6 months Increase my credit

#2 technique

Keep your utilization percentage below 30%. 

For example, if you have $1,000 in credit cards, at the end of the month your account should reflect a balance of less than $300. If you have a larger balance, your credit score will be greatly affected.

NOTE: This is very important Increase my credit

#3 technique

Apply for a secured credit card

A secured credit card or secured personal loans are those that you open with your own money. These are very good because they do not require a credit inquiry to request them, they report positively every month and your score increases. (This is not a debit card)

NOTE: You should open this credit card as soon as possible.bir my credit

#4 technique

Do not close credit lines that report positively.

Even if you are not using the cards, do not close accounts that register positively on your credit, these increase credit history and credit capacity.

NOTE: Do not close even if they are paid

#5 technique

Ask a family member or friend to add you as an authorized user.

By being added as an authorized user under someone who has a good credit history, all that good history will be reflected in your credit report and will increase your score.

NOTE: You need the social security number

#6 technique (More important)

You must keep your credit free of negative accounts

It is very important and vitally important for your credit that it is clean. That is, it does not have:

Accounts in collection
Late payments
Medical Accounts
Car Repossessions
Bankruptcy and others

NOTE: This process should be carried out by a professional and it is recommended to start as soon as possible, since it requires greater attention and time.

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