Credit Repair

CreditPoints720 is a company with over 10 years of experience in credit repair. We have already helped thousands of families in the United States and Puerto Rico achieve their financial goals.


Credit Repair

CreditPoints720 is a company with over 10 years of experience in credit repair. We have already helped thousands of families in the United States and Puerto Rico achieve their financial goals.

How can we help?

There are laws that protect you as a consumer and we know them very well. Based on this we can correct problems you have in your credit report. Approximately 80% of credit reports have incorrect information that may be causing your credit score to be very low.

Our team of credit specialists has helped many of our clients in the United States and Puerto Rico prepare their credit to be able to obtain their own home, buy a car and be approved for loans and lines of credit.

Having GOOD CREDIT can save you a lot of money and help you meet your financial goals.

Our process is very simple

Step #1

A personalized evaluation is carried out on your credit report.

Step #2

Misinformation and accounts that are affecting you are identified.

Step #3

The most convenient strategy for your situation is established and action is taken.

Step #1

Once the recommendations have been made, you will be able to achieve your financial goals.

Let's work based on your objective

Select which of these options is the closest to your interest in repairing your credit.

How to prepare my credit to buy a house?

When buying a house you have to take into account the length of time you have been living in the same house, the length of time you have been in your job and the difference between what you earn per month and what you spend per month on fixed expenses. But the most important thing is to have good credit, clean of negative accounts, to be able to obtain the best approvals with the best interests.

How to prepare my credit to buy cars?

When you are going to buy a car you should keep in mind that you do not have late payments on any of your accounts, especially on previous cars. Having credit free of negative accounts is vital when buying cars since the difference in your monthly payment can be very significant.

How to prepare my credit to apply for loans and credit cards?

Credit cards rely a lot on your payment history and your ability to pay. Most of the time when they approve you for a card or loan they do so based on what you already have in your credit history. It is very important to have clean credit so that you can be approved for larger amounts with better interest.

Frequent questions 

Credit repair is a service provided under the CROA that allows credit repair service providers to help consumers correct items on their consumer credit reports that are found to be inaccurate, outdated, or unverifiable. Any credit repair agency that claims to be able to remove ANY item other than those identified above is violating the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA).

Our service works by working with creditors and credit bureaus to find legitimate reasons to remove incorrect, unfair or questionable items from our clients' credit reports. Often, we can find violations of certain requirements of those creditors. If we do, we take advantage of those violations as a way to get the creditor or bureau to delete the account.

This is a tough question. For one thing, we cannot tell you in advance that any account can or will be removed from our customers' credit reports. Again, like all law-abiding credit repair agencies, we can only remove items that appear to be inaccurate, outdated, or unverifiable. However, many items in most people's reports could fall into one of those categories. In the past, we have helped clients eliminate collections, late payments, car repossessions, student loans, and even public records. Again, we cannot make any promises about specific accounts.

We provide all our customers with an estimated time frame for service. In general, clients usually stay with us for 3 to 6 months. However, this does not mean that all items will be deleted in that time period or that all items will be deleted at all. This is just the typical time frame that people choose to stay in our program.

The cost of our service depends on how many negative accounts are affecting your credit. Simply request an initial payment of $39.99 and count the number of accounts and select which plan you qualify for.

The simple answer is because the credit bureaus say so. Unfortunately, there is language in the law that requires you to provide them with information. If you do not provide proof of your identity and address, the offices will simply ignore your dispute and you will go nowhere. Below is a list of what can be used as evidence.

You must send these Documents:
• Photo ID
• Copy of Social Security
• 2 recent steering tests

As much as we would like to, there is simply no way to know the answer to this question. There are too many factors involved in the credit scoring model. The biggest variable is the "human factor." We don't know what he will do during this process. You may receive new late payments, max out credit cards, get new credit, get new collections, get a judgment against you, or one of hundreds of other things that would change the outcome of your service.

REMEMBER! Our service is only to help you remove items from your report that you would like us to work on, the score change is simply a by-product of our service.

We must make it very clear, we do not grant any type of loan or financing. Therefore, we cannot tell you if you will be approved for any of those things. Many people come to us with very bad credit and hope to be approved for loans or financing programs with very strict financing guidelines. Remember above, if we can't promise you that ANY item will be removed from your report, how can we assure you that you will be approved for a loan after working with our program? We are here to help and we helped hundreds of people, but please don't expect miracles.

Unfortunately no, but from the time the credit bureaus receive your dispute, they have 30 days to respond. This leads some people to believe that if it has been more than 30 calendar days, they MUST delete those items. This is simply not the way it works. There are sections of the law that allow them additional time under certain conditions.

We assure you that we will work as quickly as legally possible.

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